CyberRegs Training Schedule
CyberRegs comes with many dynamic features. In order to fully appreciate its true value, we encourage every new subscriber to attend two 40-minute training workshops. CyberRegs training programs are always free of charge. If preferred, we also can provide a customized training course that can be scheduled for just your team as well.

Our expert trainers will share fast and easy tips & shortcuts to get exactly the information you need, methods to track requirements across several different regulatory agencies, and strategies to improve your searches so you retrieve targeted results.

Training Part 1:
  • EWS Notifications
  • Basic navigation of the website
  • How to use CyberRegs Change Tracking Tools
  • Effective ways to use CyberRegs Keyword Search
Training Part 2:
  • Multi-jurisdictional tools to find similar regs in other jurisdictions
  • How to collaborate with others: Annotations and Community E-mail
  • Advanced tips & tricks for making the site work for YOU
Refresher Workshop:
A comprehensive class. The Refresher Workshop touches on all features and tools with CyberRegs.

Stored Notification System:
Increase organizational productivity and collaboration by storing and monitoring applicable requirements.

* Note: Training is for CyberRegs subscribers only.